26 September 2022,   16:20
Confrontation in Khando Gorge - Locals are not going to stop protest rallies

One more confrontation in Khando Gorge and the suspended construction works - Minister of Energy Kakha Kaladze claims that there are no plans to dig over graves during construction of high voltage transmission lines in the village of Mugudo. Kaladze believes that the protesting people are being managed by destructive NGOs. According to him, 500 kilowatt energy transmission lines will not threaten the health of the population.

The population of Khando Gorge responded quickly to the Minister of Energy. According to them, Kakhi Kaladze disseminates false information. The locals demand that the minister get acquainted with the situation.

Today special technique has been working in village of Khamukhasha for only one hour. At the time of the mountain cutting works, the stones began to fall and the land plots were damaged. The local people were irritated and that is when the confrontation took place with a representative of the construction company. After the incident, "Energotrans" withdrew special equipment from the territory. Locals claim that protest rallies will resume on Thursday.