25 September 2023,   16:41
Ukraine: Russian forces repeatedly bomb an ammonia pipeline in the Kharkov region

Russian forces have repeatedly fired on an ammonia pipeline in Ukraine’s Kharkov region. A pipeline potentially crucial to the expansion of the agreement allowing the safe export of grain and fertilizer from Black Sea ports.

The ammonia pipeline, the world’s longest, stretches some 2,470 kilometres from Togliatti in Russia on the Volga River to three ports on the Black Sea. It was closed after Moscow invaded Ukraine in February 2022.

No leaks were recorded after late Tuesday night’s shelling that hit the pipeline near the village of Masiutivka and another shelling that took place overnight near the village of Zapadne, said Oleh Sinehubov, governor of the Kharkov region. “There is no threat to people’s lives and health”, - he added.