25 September 2023,   17:15
Government Administration responds to the criticism of opposition on the absence of the EU flag from the decorations set up in Tbilisi

The Administration of Government said today that Independence Day – 2023 celebrations had been designed to showcase “national symbols”, in response to criticism by a part of the opposition on the absence of the European Union flag from the decorations set up in Tbilisi for the date.

“The annual May 26 celebrations had since 2016 acquired additional themes that saw a campaign, slogan and city decorations built around it.

This year, the message for May 26 is “With the Love of Freedom”. Exteriors in the capital city and across Georgia have been decorated with national symbols.

The 2022 theme for Independence Day had been “Towards Europe”, while historical milestones had dictated visuals for other editions.

For example, in 2018, Georgia celebrated 100 years of the declaration of independence of the First Democratic Republic, while 2017 was entirely dedicated to national poet Shota Rustaveli’s 850th anniversary, with the theme “I Am From the Country of Rustaveli””, - reads the statement.