08 June 2023,   02:55
Co-rapporteurs of the Monitoring Committee of the PACE, who are visiting Georgia, met with the representatives of opposition and Georgian Dream

The co-rapporteurs of the Monitoring Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), who are visiting Georgia, met with the representatives of different political parties. The PACE delegation consists of co-rapporteurs Claude Kern and Edite Estrela, as well as Bas Klein, Deputy Head of the Secretariat of the PACE Monitoring Committee.

MP Tina Bokuchava of the United National Movement said after the meeting that they discussed “threats” posed by the government to Georgia’s democracy, EU integration, national plans and goals.

“We overviewed the political statements, the Russian Law, and the attacks in the Parliament; we underlined that despite such a grave milieu, we are for and appeal to our partners for the EU candidacy since it is the opportunity for our country to get progressed and safeguarded from the Russian aggression”, - said the Chair of the Reform Group, Khatuna Samnidze.

“Despite the authorities of Georgia, applying the mechanism characteristic for the Russian disinformation, attack the European partners and the colleagues in the Parliament, despite the daily physical reprisals and failure of the Government to comply with the EU recommendations, the Georgian people proved to deserve the EU candidacy”, - said Giorgi Vashadze, Strategy Aghmashenebeli.

“I highlighted these two issues, which on the one hand, are of utmost importance and on the other hand, will restore the declined image of the Georgian Dream and demonstrate their serious attitude to the decentralization of authority. It is a natural barrier. The extension of the jury system stands as a simple and good solution in the judicial reform, which will also manifest that the Georgian Dream is aspired to let go its grip on the monolith of authority, which we witness today”, - added the member of the Political Group “Girchi”, Hermann Szabo.