29 May 2023,   23:17
I think that they are going to return to prison, they can transfer him every minute - Giuli Alasania on Saakashvili

Mikheil Saakashvili’s health does not allow him to be transferred to prison. Such a statement made today the mother of the third president.

“Yesterday, I shared the impression I got with the journalists, and I haven’t changed my mind yet. I immediately thought that they are planning to return him to prison. I don"t know on what basis. In any case, this person’s health does not allow it.

The doctors cannot write that he is well in the health report. I don’t know, but anything can happen. They can transfer him every minute, why not?! What will prevent it? It is a fact that Polish doctors were not admitted. How would the medical staff of Vivamed make a decision, they completely obey the penitentiary.

We may file a lawsuit in the European Court today, it completely depends on us. We may file it today, nothing is ruled out. We have been ready for this for a long time”, - said Giuli Alasania.