08 June 2023,   02:02
Foreign Minister starts his visit to Brussels

The Minister of Foreign Affairs will have “important meetings” with officials at the European Commission ahead of the body’s reports on the country’s European Union membership candidate status. Such a statement made today Vakhtang Makharoblishvili, Georgia’s representative to the bloc.

“The meetings would involve Josep Borrell, the Vice-President of the European Commission and the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, and the EU commissioners for enlargement, justice and home affairs.

The discussions would review Georgia’s implementation of the conditions set by the bloc in June of 2022 for obtaining its membership candidate status, as well as domestic matters and security challenges.

This meetings are important ahead of the Commission’s interim report in a few months about the country’s alignment with the EU framework. Commission is scheduled to produce a final report in October and issue its recommendations to the European Council whether to grant Georgia the membership candidate status.

The Government of Georgia had already started to provide necessary documentation and information to the Commission for drafting the reports.

Georgia would be evaluated in many directions - including sectoral alignment with the bloc and reforms related to the country’s democratic development and the domestic judiciary - by the end of this year, before the EU decision on the membership candidate status”, - said Vakhtang Makharoblishvili.