26 March 2023,   09:45
Hope, this time Georgia’s efforts will be properly appreciated and the European Union will grant us the status of a candidate country - Papuashvili

Speaker of the Parliament is reporting to the legislature on activity for 2022. In his report, he emphasized compliance with the EU recommendations in view of the fulfillment of which the Parliament has already adopted 82 laws.

“I am absolutely sure that Georgia deserved the candidate status for the European Union, and this was confirmed by the European Commission itself in the final evaluation of the questionnaire - every day when we do not have the status is injustice to Georgia. The final evaluation by the European Commission confirmed that Georgia is a leading country in the direction of fundamental issues, including justice.

Georgia, its system, state organization, bureaucracy deserved the candidate status and every day when we do not have the status is injustice to Georgia.

One thing is missing for receiving the candidate status – “all political groups should be sure that the status belongs to Georgia, as all the citizens of Georgia are sure of it”.

If everyone says this with confidence, I assure you that our unity and faith will be given an appropriate response from the European Union. I appeal to all of you - in this case, think about your country”, - said Shalva Papuashvili.