26 March 2023,   10:54
Ukraine succeeds in bringing back 128 children forcibly removed to Russia

Ukraine has succeeded in bringing back 128 children forcibly taken by the invaders to Russia. Yuliia Usenko, Head of the Department for the Protection of the Interests of Children and Combating Violence of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine, quoted by Ukrinform

“We have managed to bring 128 children back to Ukraine. More than 50 of them, together with their parents or guardians, are currently in EU countries.

You may ask, why is the number so small compared to the number of those being deported? But for us this is not a number, it is 128 children’s lives. Bringing them back to the Motherland is the work of a large number of people. They have been working for months to bring back at least one child. That’s a lot of security risks, including for people helping the process. At this moment, I cannot disclose who these people are and how everything is happening.

Ukraine is doing everything it can, but, unfortunately, it is not enough. The usual tools of diplomacy are not working, the requirements of international humanitarian law against the aggressor are not working, therefore there is no single mechanism, and common rules do not apply. Our task is to be continuously searching for ways and to maintain a dialogue with those who support us”.