30 March 2023,   05:30
Money and informal influences won over politics - Nona Mamulashvili

Nona Mamulashvili, one of the candidates for the Chairmanship of the United National Movement, responds to the results of the election on the social network. As she says, the results of the election “do not allow the beginning of processes that Georgia really needs today”.

“I congratulate Levan on his victory! Many thanks to everyone who participated in the election and many thanks to those who supported me.

I have to note that the result of the election does not give me reason to hope that the process that our country needs will begin today. Unfortunately, this was already evident from the pre-election environment…

I wish Levan a great deal of success – he is not the problem now. The problem is that money and informal influences have won out over politics. I would like to believe that we will not get the result that usually comes in such circumstances”, - writes Nona Mamulashvili.