24 March 2023,   09:20
Special Investigation Service publishes a statement on the investigation into the murder of an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Special Investigation Service launched the investigation with the signs of the crime provided for by Article 108 and Article 236, paragraphs 3 and 4 of the Criminal Code of Georgia toward the officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs A.Sh (intentional killing and illegal purchase, storage and carrying of firearms).

It was established by the investigation that on January 8, 2023, approximately at 01:00 A.M, in Tbilisi, the officer of the Human Resources Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) G.M together with his friends - officers of Tbilisi Police Department of the MIA A. Sh and D.L were at the apartment of G.M. G.M., being in a state of unconsciousness, behaved and spoke inappropriately, became aggressive towards the guests and fired several shots from his firearm toward A.Sh. As a result of the injuries, A. Sh died at the place.

The accused was arrested by the officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs called at the place.

Since the accused person G.M. served at the MIA, the case for the investigation was handed over to the Special Investigation Service.

Urgent investigative and procedural actions were carried out by the Special Investigation Service. In particular, the place of the accident was inspected; various items of interest to the investigation were seized, including crime weapons, ammunition, clothes, mobile phone, personal belongings and others; biological material and various research samples were taken.

A complex examination has been appointed on the mentioned subjects and a forensic-medical examination on a dead body. The witnesses of the incident and other case-involved persons were interviewed.

An inspection of the interesting locations for the investigation has been already conducted as well as video cameras relevant to this case are still being studied.

The Special Investigation Service continues all necessary investigative actions to ensure a comprehensive investigation.