08 February 2023,   23:37
Georgia is a highly valued partner for NATO - Jens Stoltenberg

Georgia is a highly valued partner for NATO. Such a statement made today the NATO Secretary General at the Berlin Security Conference.

“First of all, Georgia is a highly valued partner for NATO. And we are actually stepping up our cooperation with Georgia. That was a clear message from the summit of NATO leaders in Madrid in June and it was reiterated at the foreign ministerial meeting I just came from in Bucharest earlier this week. And where also the Georgian Foreign Minister participated. And it was a clear message that we need to do more together with the Georgia.

We have strengthened our political cooperation, our practical support, and also realizing of course, that is reflecting the fact that the whole Black Sea region is of great strategic importance for the Alliance. NATO, in general, has increased its presence in the Black Sea region. Both of course, because we have three literal states, Türkiye, Bulgaria and Romania as members, but also, of course, because both Ukraine and Georgia are close and valued partners. And we will continue to step up and not least in face of the aggressive policies of Russia, we see the importance of working with partners like Georgia”, - said Jens Stoltenberg.