24 March 2023,   09:52
The investigative service seized 25,000 boxes of cigarettes without excise marks

The Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia actively continues to carry out relevant operative-searching activities in order to detect and prevent the facts of storage, transportation and sale of cigarettes without excise marks.

On November 2nd of current year, a citizen was detained on the fact of transportation of cigarettes without excise marks. From his vehicle, a total number of 14 950 boxes of cigarettes without excise marks, were seized, with total value of GEL 65 780.

As a result of investigative activities, a total number of 25 380 boxes of cigarettes without excise marks and with various denominations, with a total market value of more than GEL 120 000, were seized from the homes and vehicles of the persons exposed in crime.

The investigations are being continued under the first, second and third parts of Article 200 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which envisages imprisonment from 6 to 8 years.

At the same time, in the October of current year, investigation service revealed 34 facts of storage, sale and transportation of excisable goods to marking without excise stamps, 37 persons were charged as accused, 9 of whom were detained.