24 March 2023,   10:53
Ministry of Internal Affairs arrested 5 persons connected with the "Thieves’ World"

As a result of the complex operational measures and investigative activities conducted together with the General Prosecutor’s Office, the employees of the Central Criminal Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs arrested 5 people in Tbilisi and Samegrelo region, based on the judge’s decision.

R. d. (DoB 1995), and L. M (DoB 1977) were arrested on the charge of appealing to a member of “Thieves’ World”, while D. M. (DoB 1982), Ch. G. (DoB 1995, nicknamed “Chico”) and T.B (DoB 1964) for being a member of the “Thieves’ World”.

The committed crimes envision from 3 to 10 years of imprisonment.

The investigation established that R. D. and L. M., in order to resolve the existing financial dispute, appealed to the members of the “Thieves’ world” - D. M. T. b. and Ch. G.

In the course of a complex investigative activities, it was established that the defendants - members of the “Thieves’ world” actively participated in criminal activities and, based on the appeal of citizens, in order to resolve financial disputes between the disputing parties, discussed disputed issues in accordance with the “Thieves’ rules” to resolve them in their favor. They personally monitored the execution of decisions and forced one of the disputing parties to hand over the disputed amount.

In order to resolve the dispute between the disputing parties, the members of the “Thieves’ Universe” organized the so-called criminal skirmishes several times in Tbilsi and Samegrelo region.

As a result of the search, the police seized as evidence the computer equipment and mobile phones of the defendants, through which they communicated with each other. Various types of narcotics were also seized as evidence.

The fact of being a member of the “Thieves’ World” and appealing to a member of the “Thieves’ World” is being investigated under article 223(1) part I, and 223 (4), part IV of the Criminal Code of Georgia.