24 March 2023,   10:03
Ministry of Internal Affairs arrested 4 people connected with the “Thieves World” and charged 2 people in absentia

As a result of the complex operative and investigative measures conducted jointly by Kvemo Kartli Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Kvemo Kartli District Prosecutor’s Office, on the basis of the judge’s ruling, detained 4 people in Tbilisi, Kvemo Kartli, Adjara and Samegrelo regions for connections with the “world of thieves”. The detainees are as follows R. Kh (DoB 1962), as well as persons with previous convictions and currently under probation: G. P. (DoB 1989), B. S. (DoB 1990), S. K. (DoB 1980).

Charges were presented in absentia to the “thief in law” who are currently abroad - J.B. (DoB 1977), nicknamed “Boncho” and A.T. (DoB 1974).

The above-mentioned persons are accused of being a “thief in law”, membership of “Thieves World”, supporting the activities of “Thieves world” and extortion committed in order to obtain a large amount of property.

As a result of the conducted investigation, including the secret investigative actions carried out on the basis of the judge"s ruling, it was established that persons arrested and accused of having relations with the “thieves’ world” actively participated in the implementation of the activities of the “thieves’ world”, in order to receive personal benefits and advantages, they were also involved in skirmishes between citizens connected with the “thieves’ world”. They contacted criminal authority to make decisions in accordance with the “Thieves Law” as well as “Thieves in Law” residing abroad, including Mindia Lavasoghli, Aslan Kobuladze, nicknamed “Babu” and received instructions from them.

The investigation also established that the Georgian “thief in law” living abroad- J. b. (nicknamed “Boncho”), used his criminal influence to manage and organize support of the activities of persons residing in Georgia with connections of the “Thieves World”- R.Kh. and S.K., currently arrested as accused persons. In particular, J.B. through the mentioned persons, contacted one of the citizens G.G., from whom the defendants tried to extort 55,000 GEL which he took as a loan from the Georgian businessman. They tried to extort cash by threatening to kill G.G., his family members through the so-called “criminal skirmish”.

The committed crime envisions from 3 to 15 years of imprisonment.

Investigation into the facts of being a “thief in Law” membership of the “Thieves World”, support of the activities of the “Thieves World” and extortion committed in order to receive a large amount of property is in progress under articles 223 (1) I and II parts, 223 (3), part II, 181, part II of the Criminal Code of Georgia.