10 December 2022,   06:45
Kakha Kaladze vows fastest, most accessible public transportation after rehabilitating major routes

Tbilisi mayor pledged his body would ensure the “fastest, most accessible and comfortable” public transport and reduced traffic congestion in the capital city, in response to citizens’ worries over recently observed traffic jams and overcrowded public transport.

“Regulating the traffic-related issues required a complex approach that also included reduction in the number of private vehicles on Tbilisi streets.

About 590,000 cars are on roads in Tbilisi on a daily basis, which is a very big figure. The relevant agencies of Tbilisi City Hall had identified 12 locations that are generating traffic congestion. Specific projects are needed, however, they will not be done in a single day. We’ve fixed crucial crossroads like Tamar Mepe Avenue and Tamarashvili Street, and the Didi Dighomi junction will be finished soon.

The completion of ongoing road rehabilitation works on Queen Ketevan and Melikishvili avenues would ensure modern road infrastructure for updated and European-style public transport in Tbilisi and encourage citizens to use them instead of private vehicles.

Despite complications caused by the pandemic, all projects planned for city transport have been implemented.

The initial goal was to update the public transport and replace the outdated fleet with new vehicles. We have completely replaced the fleet. It is true that Tbilisi has the newest and the most organized public transport because we managed to renew the fleet with the support of international financial organizations.

The public transport is technically sound and adapted to the people with disabilities”, - said Kakha Kaladze.