29 September 2022,   17:30
It is said that “everything that has a beginning has an end” - Amiran Gamkrelidze releases a statement

The Head of the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health, reiterated in a statement that he is leaving his post. Amiran Gamkrelidze didn’t specify the exact date and reason for his departure and focused only on the successes achieved by the agency, especially during the pandemic.

“It was not possible to achieve all the set goals during this period. There are still many tasks to be completed and problems to be solved.

I believe that the health and education should be the main priority of the country, which will further condition the progress, sustainability, well-being, and correct development of the country’s economy on the basis of knowledge and experience.

We all need to realize that public health and prevention is the main focus of medicine in the 21st century and in the future, for which it is important for each of us, as a whole population, to understand its essence and importance

Georgia’s membership in the Euro-Atlantic space, closer integration with European structures, and cooperation with our main partner’s the U.S.’ sectorial institutions are extremely important.

The NCDC had significant support and assistance from partner foreign colleagues, representatives of international and donor organizations.

I want to express my gratitude to all our international partners, whose support made it possible not only to strengthen the work of the Center but also to improve the unified public health system of the country.

Hope, the next generation will continue and further deepen cooperation with partners.

I would like to thank the Georgian Dream, especially members of the Ministry of Health and the Interagency Coordination Council, for their support in all important initiatives.

It is said that “everything that has a beginning has an end”. For me, this is the end of a very interesting, fourth stage of my career in the medical field. How successfully I passed through the current or other past stages will be judged in the future by my colleagues, our society, and time”, - writes the Head of NCDC.