02 December 2022,   16:34
Biden is adding fuel to the fire of war, said Roger Waters of “Pink Floyd”

Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters recently called Biden a “war criminal”. According to him, “Biden is pouring oil on the fire of war”.

“Biden is adding fuel to the fire of the war in Ukraine. It is a big crime. Why is America not advising Zelensky to start peace talks?”.

When does any war begin? Looking at history, the time is known. The war began in response to NATO targeting the Russian border. But NATO said, they will never surround Russia”, - he said in the interview to CNN.

Waters asks, “What would America’s role be if China had deployed nuclear-armed missiles to Mexico and Canada?”

Roger is currently in North America on the ‘This Is Not a Drill’ tour. It was there that CNN anchor Michael Smerkonish took over the interview.