05 October 2022,   03:03
Murder in Tskvarichamia - police detained 7 people for hooliganism, provision of false information, failure to report killing

Police have arrested 7 people for hooliganism, provision of false information and failure to report the killing of a 20-year-old young man.

According to the Ministry of Internal affairs, the person who had killed Mirian Kukava on Thursday, July 28, had been identified.

“Active operational investigative measures are underway to determine the location of the murderer”, - added the agency.

The murder took place yesterday in the village of Tskhvarichamia, were youngsters were celebrating their friend’s birthday.

According to the existing information, the reason behind the murder was a dispute between young people, which led to a physical confrontation. Kukava was stabbed in the confrontation, with chest injuries leading to his death.