13 August 2022,   18:25
According to the Open Budget Survey, Georgia ranked first among 120 countries in the world

International Budget Partnership published a report. According to the results of the 2021 Open Budget Survey, Georgia ranked first among 120 countries in the world.

As of the report, Georgia is now the highest ranked country on transparency in this year’s survey, and its score has risen by more than 30 points since 2008.

The document reads that in 2020, as pandemic-strained governments struggled to operate effectively, Georgia led the world in budget transparency practices, scoring 87 out of 100 in OBS 2021 (Open Budget Survey). This is an increase of 6 points from OBS 2019, reflecting the Ministry of Finance’s work to continue publishing timely and comprehensive budget documents.

Georgia’s solid budget practices withstood the challenges posed by the pandemic largely because of the work it has been doing to improve its Financial Management Information System (FMIS), a cornerstone of its strong transparency systems. Since 2010, the government expanded the FMIS to include detailed activity costs, performance indicators, modeling capabilities and tagging for programs related to climate and gender. The FMIS also now integrates budget transactions, information from line ministries and municipalities, procurement, debt and treasury functions.