17 August 2022,   20:13
Ambassador of Georgia to France resigns from her post

Georgian Ambassador to France quit her port. As Tea Katukia wrote on Facebook, her resignation is due to the continuous pressure from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the very first day of her appointment to the position.

According to Katukia, she submitted the resignation letter on May 1 to the MFA of Georgia, which became effective today, July 1.

“From the very first day, I witnessed a number of serious violations and structural malfunctions in the embassy, ​​which significantly harmed the interests and image of the Georgian representation in France. I could never have imagined that I would have to perform the function in the context of constant abuse, slander, pressure, harassment and threats, which originates from deep-rooted clan and clientelistic practices in the system, which contradict the values ​​I uphold and the goals and aspirations I have for Georgia.

I deeply believe that the above-mentioned actions, which are unacceptable for a legal state, do not reflect the reality of Georgian society”, - writes Katukia.