17 August 2022,   19:57
There was the dirtiest provocation from Tsereteli - Anri Okhanashvili about the incident at the US Embassy

A physical confrontation took place recently between the Georgian Dream MPs and the founder of TV Pirveli during the reception at the United States Embassy.

According to Anri Okhanashvili, Vato Tsereteli verbally insulted him. Tsereteli himself says that he was physically assaulted by the deputies.

“Georgian Dream MPs attacked me on the territory of the US Embassy, in the yard, ​​where 200 or 300 guests were invited. I appeal to Kelly Degnan to make the footage public, to give it to the media and show people how the Dream MPs are beating people. Anri Okhanashvili started to move towards me, he was followed by Zarkua, Odisharia, Mgaloblishvili. He held my hand and started arguing with me. Okhanashvili was shouting something. Then he hit me in my face and then someone else also hit me”, - said Tsereteli.

“There was the dirtiest provocation from Tsereteli. He came to me and told me he wanted to say something, he organized the dirtiest provocation. You probably understand what I am talking about. Then he ran away quickly. I wanted to ask him why he did something like that, to which he continued to provoke me and then, of course, I responded to him as he deserved”, - said Okhanashvili.