17 August 2022,   19:44
Russia will mirror the deployment of the alliance’s military infrastructure in Finland and Sweden - Vladimir Putin

Russian President has said that Moscow is not concerned about the possible accession of Helsinki and Stockholm to the alliance while warning of a mirror response to the deployment of NATO bases in Finland and Sweden.

“Russia is not worried about the possible accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO, but will mirror the deployment of the alliance"s military infrastructure in these countries.

We have nothing to worry about in terms of Finland and Sweden’s membership in NATO. If they [want to join NATO], let them do so. But they need to understand clearly that there have been no threats to them, and now, in the event of the deployment of military contingents and infrastructure there, we will have to respond in the same way and create the same threats to the territories from which we are threatened.

This is obvious! Don’t they understand that? Everything was fine with us [Finland and Sweden], and now there will be some tension, this is obvious, of course, without it, it is impossible”, - said Vladimir Putin said at a briefing in Ashgabat.