17 January 2022,   01:47
Owners of mopeds and light ATVS now have the opportunity to voluntarily register a vehicle

Today the amendment to the Law of Georgia on Traffic came into force, as a result of which a new category/subcategory of driving license has been defined:

• “AM” category of vehicle, which combines mopeds and light ATVs;
• “A2” sub-category of vehicle, which includes a motorcycle with a maximum power not exceeding 35 kW and power/weight ratio - 0.2 kW/kg.

According to the mentioned amendment, mopeds and light ATVs were defined as mechanical transport means. Accordingly, “AM” category vehicles are subject to mandatory registration and will need to obtain the appropriate driving license to drive them.

From December 6, those interested will be able to voluntarily register “AM” category vehicles and obtain the right to drive, while from March 28, 2022 registration of mopeds and ATVs and obtaining driving license for “AM” category of vehicles will be mandatory.

The age limit for obtaining driving license of “AM” category is 16 years. Passing of only theoretical exam is enough for obtaining driving license for mopeds and light ATVs. On the first theoretical exam, interested persons will be fully exempted from exam fee. Taking of theoretical exam for obtaining driving license of “AM” category is possible without booking a place in a queue.

Also, it should be noted that if a person has a driving license of any category/subcategory, he/she shall have the right to drive "AM" category vehicles.

In addition to the structural units of the Service Agency, until March 28, 2022, vehicles of the "AM" category can be inspected and/or the documentation for initial registration can be submitted through the Periodic Technical Inspection ("PTI") centers. It should be noted that before February 26, 2022, when registering "AM" category vehicles, the fee established by law will be reduced.

The age limit for obtaining the driving license of sub-category “A2” is 18 years. In order to obtain the driving license of sub-category “A2”, the interested person shall take theoretical and practical exams.

If a person has a driving license of “A1” sub-category, he/she shall take only a practical exam.

A person with a driving license of sub-category “A2” shall have the right to drive a vehicle of “AM” category, as well as a vehicle of sub-category “A1” and a tricycle with a power not exceeding 15 kW.

From March 28, 2022, registration of mopeds and light ATVs, as well as obtaining of driving license for “AM” category vehicles shall become mandatory.