24 January 2022,   02:12
Kezerashvili’s award will remain with Kezerashvili, we will establish another competition - Tea Tsulukiani

The Minister of Culture of Georgia spoke about the “Litera” award during her speech in the Parliament.

“I intended to file a lawsuit, but failed to do so, as it turned out that when the competition and the “Litera” Prize were established, no legislative act had been issued at the state level to prove that it was indeed a state competition and a prize.

Consequently, when this competition and award was appropriated by a private structure, we could not initiate a lawsuit. Therefore, in my decision, [David] Kezerashvili’s award will remain with Kezerashvili. We will establish another competition and I am ready to work with the Culture Committee to develop a competition and award that will be forthrightly for everybody”, - said Tea Tsulukiani.