26 January 2022,   00:57
Winning the elections and Saakashvili in prison are factors that give us a unique opportunity to finally end the polarization - Irakli Kobakhidze

The concluding rally of the Georgian Dream underway on Freedom Square. The concluding event started with the Georgian national anthem.

Citizens from the different regions of the country joined the rally.

“Winning the elections and Saakashvili being in prison are two factors that give us a unique opportunity to finally end the polarization and bring the country to another stage of development.

On October 30, the Georgian Dream is facing not a healthy political opponent, but a radical, anti-state and anti-church group, which has been a constant threat to the Georgian state and democracy for 18 years.

We have our “Georgian dream” - this is the dream of a united Georgia. With Abkhazia and Tskhinvali. Return of our Abkhaz and Ossetian brothers and sisters. Our dream is national unity, where people do not hate but unite in love for each other, for the homeland, for national values.

Our dream is Georgia with strong cities, strong villages, strong families. Our dream is to become a full member of the European family. Our party was created in 2012 with these dreams and goals. It is these dreams and goals, love for the homeland, and devotion to national values that will give us the strength to finish what we have started”, - said Irakli Kobakhidze, the Chairman of the Georgian Dream in his speech, while addressing supporters of the party.