06 December 2021,   02:51
All the windows have been painted and locked - Koba Nakopia

Administration of the 12th penitentiary in Rustavi repaired the part of the building where Mikheil Saakashvili is placed and closed prison windows. Such a statement made today the executive secretary of the United National Movement.

According to Koba Nakopia, all persons, except lawyers, have been barred from taking Saakashvili’s letters out of prison.

“Everyone knows that former president is banned from making calls and they are afraid of his voice. Now, all the windows have been painted and locked, so that none of his supporters can see him from the outside. They repaired the building in one day.

Besides, a member of the Parliament, a doctor or a family member, who visit him, will not be able to take a letter out of prison. It is clear that they are afraid of his voice and the trial has been postponed so that people cannot see him”, - added Koba Nakopia.