27 November 2021,   04:10
Georgian Dream to hold a concluding election rally on October 27 - Irakli Kobakhidze

On October 27, the Georgian Dream will hold a concluding election rally of the party supporters on Freedom Square. Such a statement made today the Chairman of the Georgian Dream.

“We would like to inform you that a concluding election rally of our party supporters will be held on Sunday, October 27, at 17:00. Tens of thousands of citizens will gather to show once again the strength of the Georgian people, who are fighting to finally defeat evil, to protect dignity and freedom, for the advancement and development of our country.

On October 2, we were trusted by 47% of the electorate, virtually every second voter, giving us a new impetus and a responsibility to take care of the well-being of our country and people for the next three years.

This victory will be completed by October 30. All those who value the future of our country, peace, stability and development, we are waiting for you on Freedom Square”, - added Irakli Kobakhidze.