18 May 2022,   03:38
Police detained 11 drug dealers in Tbilisi, including 3 in Ponichala settlement

The officers of the Central Criminal Police Department under the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Special Tasks Department in cooperation with the employees of the General Prosecutor"s Office detained 11 drug dealers in Tbilisi in the last 10 days as a result of complex operative-search and intensive investigative activities.

The following individuals were detained in Ponichala settlement: D.M. (DoB 2001), A.A. (DoB 1989) ZA (DoB1983) as well as a foreign citizen I.Z. (DoB 1994). D.D. (DoB 1987) A.A. (DoB 1967) R.J. (DoB1988) R.Z. (DoB 1972) A.M.(DoB 1972) V.M. (DoB 1956) and L.S. (DoB1989 ).

The detainees are accused of illegal purchase, keeping and selling drugs. The committed crime envisions from 8 to 20 years or lifetime imprisonment.

The investigation established that the accused persons sold drugs on the regular basis. In accordance with the relevant court decision, the law enforcers carried out several control purchases of Heroin, Alpha-PvP and Buprenorphine drugs and videotaped the process of purchase.

During a search activities held in Z.A’s residential house in Ponichala settlement, the law enforcers seized 3 packages of heroin and necessary items for drug packing, namely an electroscale and a spoon.

During the personal search of G.Z. the police seized 3 packages of heroin.

As a result of the personal search of foreign citizen - I.Z. police officers seized cash- 1000 GEL as evidence, during the search activities held in his place of temporary residence law enforcers seized three packages of drug.

The investigation is underway under Articles 260 and 273 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which stipulate the illegal purchase, possession and sale of drugs in especially large quantities and illegal purchase-keeping and selling of cannabis.