18 May 2022,   04:38
Tbilisi City Hall to transfer half a million GEL to the families affected by the Batumi tragedy

Tbilisi City Hall to transfer half a million GEL to the families affected by the Batumi tragedy. Such a statement made today Mayor of the capital.

“As you know, we have decided to cancel the Tbilisoba (Tbilisi Feast) event. Due to the tragedy in Batumi, the TV concert that was supposed to take place will not be held and we will transfer the funds allocated for it to a specially created fund, which was created to assist the families affected by this tragedy. Yesterday, the Tbilisi City Municipal Assembly discussed the issue of making changes in the budget of Tbilisi. Half a million GEL allocated for Tbilisoba Feast was transferred to the reserve fund wherefrom they will be directed to the account created for the affected families today. This is the money of Tbilisi and the people of Tbilisi, and since Tbilisi has never stood aside at such times, this amount will also be a kind of expression of support, help, and sympathy for Batumi from Tbilisi.

In general, the issue of damaged houses is also relevant in Tbilisi. I have been talking about all this for two months and no one was interested in our election program, especially the opponents and their media outlets. Right after this tragedy happened in Batumi, everyone came out and started talking about what kind of damaged buildings we have in Tbilisi. Yes, this is one of the biggest problems. We have up to 10,000 buildings that have been assigned the status of damaged premises of different categories. Over the years, we have been constructing similar buildings. Now we have a complete replacement program. We will do all this so that all the expenses are borne by the municipality of the capital and the population will not spend a single penny on this”, - said Kakha Kaladze.