08 December 2021,   14:30
The process of large-scale rearmament started at the Ministry of Internal Affairs

7 000 police officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will receive new service handguns - Glock pistols. The first stage of new service weapon handout, which is in full compliance with contemporary standards, was held at the base of Special Tasks Department of the MIA. The event was attended by the First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs - Shalva Bedoidze as well as by Deputy Ministers - Ioseb Chelidze and Giorgi Butkhuzi.

In the upcoming days, after the Special Tasks Department, new service handguns will be handed over to the officers of Patrol Police and Tbilisi Police Departments.

A large-scale process of police rearmament is implemented with the aim to introduce a common standard with regard to MIA weaponry and special equipment. This is the largest rearmament held within the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in recent years, aimed at equipping the officers with contemporary, high-standard, service-handguns.

One of the main priorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is to improve the working conditions of MIA employees, as well as to bring their special equipment in line with contemporary standards.