08 December 2021,   13:50
Kakha Kaladze responds Nika Melia’s debate challenge

Kakha Kaladze comments Nika Melia’s proposal to hold public debates.

“Melia runs away from the debates, demonstrates hooliganism in the studio and uses indecent language. He insults my family and me and has neither vision nor election program. Now, several days before the elections, Melia remembers the debates. He recently voiced two promises, and both are false”, - said the Mayor of Tbilisi.

The United National Movement mayoral candidate challenged his opponent from the Georgian Dream for debates focused on plans and problem-solving.

“I offer an open debate to Mr. Kaladze. Let us publicly inform the people of Tbilisi about the ways of our plans and the solution to their problems!

At any time, on any air - not in a staged but in a real debate - face to face! Let"s talk about our capital, which is more than politics, without hatred and insults”, - wrote Nika Melia on Facebook.