23 October 2021,   00:16
MIA fined for violation of personal data law in case of deceased cameraman Lashkarava

The State Inspector"s Office assessed the publication of video recordings showing the movement of TV Pirveli cameraman Lekso Lashkarava as a violation of personal data protection.

The relevant statement has been issued by the agency, which explained that the Ministry of Internal Affairs was fined GEL 2,000. Besides, administrative liability was imposed on the medical institution, which was fined GEL 500.

“None of the videos released by the MIA could answer the main question in the society regarding the specific cause of death. In addition, the connection between the mentioned records and the death of L. Lashkarava was not explained at the briefings either.

The circumstances revealed as a result of the examination indicate that L. Lashkarava’s personal data were disclosed by an employee (s) of the MIA”, - reads the statement.