28 September 2021,   22:47
I am afraid that following the decision of the Dream, Georgia is further away from the EU - Viola von Cramon

I am afraid that following the decision of the Georgian Dream to annul the April 19 agreement, Georgia is further away from the European Union than it was 3 months ago. Such a statement made today the member of European Parliament.

Viola von Cramon talked about this issue during the meeting with journalists.

“As a leading member of the Democracy Support and Election Coordination Group of the European Parliament, I have been tasked with participating in a high-level mission to support dialogue with the parties. After the mission was canceled in July due to the COVID situation, I decided to hold meetings in the Georgian Parliament without other members of the delegation.

The Georgian Dream took a very unexpected and, in my opinion, damaging step. It made a damaging decision for the interests of Georgia and withdrew from the agreement. Because of this I decided to cancel my meetings in the Parliament of Georgia.

The April 19 agreement was and is the basis for the European Parliament’s support for democracy in the Georgian Parliament, and I will tell you more, this is not the first case when the trust is in question, which makes the ruling team an entity that is not trusted and is not reliable”, - added Viola von Cramon.