26 September 2021,   00:42
MIA took part in an international special operation - 2 members of a criminal gang arrested and 368 kg of “heroin” seized

The officers of the Central Criminal Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, together with the Officers of the Customs Department of the Revenue Service, took part in an international special operation against drug trafficking in Ukraine.

Law enforcement officers from three countries - Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine were involved in a large-scale special operation for eight months.

On July 22, police detained two members of an organized criminal group- citizens of the Republic of Turkey in Kiev for international smuggling of drugs in especially large quantities.

Law enforcers of Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine carried out international controlled deliveries within the frames of the operative activities to expose the organized criminal groups.

In the course of operative and investigative activities, it was established that a large amount of heroin was hidden in the transit cargo, which was supposed to be transported from the Islamic Republic of Iran to Ukraine by passing through the Republic of Armenia and Georgia. From Ukraine the cargo was planned to be transported to Central Europe for further realization.

Police seized approximately 368 kg of “Heroin” drug as evidence, the value of which on the black market amounts to 75 million GEL.

The investigation procedures are conducted by the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies. The committed crime envisages up to 12 years of imprisonment.