05 August 2021,   21:53
Ombudsman spoke about the shortcomings of the investigation in the cases of Shakarashvili, Machalikashvili, Siradze and Khorava Street

A number of questions remained unanswered by the investigation into the high – profile case. Such a statement made today the Public Defender while presenting a report at the meeting of the Committee on Human Rights and Civil Integration.

“As for the high-profile cases, we have discussed in the report the shortcomings of the investigation into the case of Giorgi Shakarashvili, which was examined by the Ombudsman. We also refer to the case of Temirlan Machalikashvili, where we believe that a number of issues remained unanswered by the investigation.

In this regard, we addressed the Prosecutor’s Office with a proposal. I also want to remind the public once again that the inquiry into the Khorava Street juvenile murder case has not been completed”, - added Nino Lomjaria.