05 August 2021,   22:06
Ombudsman and Bishop Jakob agreed on joint orphanage monitoring visit

The Public Defender of Georgia and new Head of the Ninotsminda boarding school Bishop Jakob agreed to jointly conduct a monitoring visit in the orphanage during the next week.

“Since the children also have some alienation towards the Public Defender, I want us to monitor them in such a way that there is trust between us. I think this visit will defuse the situation. The Ombudsman’s monitors will afterward also be able to conduct visits at the orphanage. The social services will also continue assessing the needs of the foster children to decide if they will leave the church-run foster home or not.

We all agree that large foster homes are not appropriate for the children. It is crucial the orphanage with its staff meets international standards and becomes transparent”, - said Nino Lomjaria.