14 June 2021,   09:09
From May 18 Kakha Kaladze to hold presentations of projects implemented for 4 years

Tbilisi City Hall will hold presentations of projects implemented for four years. Such a statement made today Kakha Kaladze.

“When we ran in the 2017 local government elections, we presented our vision to the public, which consisted of 7 key policies. These were the areas, that bothered the population of Tbilisi the most. It was urban development policy, transport policy, environmental policy, social policy, education, culture, sports and youth policy, economic policy and management policy.

I want to present a report to the population of Tbilisi on May 18 about what has been done and what projects have been implemented. We will devote one week to one policy and provide the public with information in advance about which direction we will be talking about”, - said the Mayor of Tbilisi.