15 June 2021,   04:48
Deputy Mayors of Gori Municipality quit the Georgian Dream and resigned

Deputy Mayors of Gori Municipality, Paata Ivanishvili and Erasti Elijarashvili, quit the Georgian Dream and resigned.

As they said, they were directly asked to resign, adding that they are now joining Giorgi Gakharia’s forthcoming political party to take part in the nearing local elections.

Elijarashvili also claimed that the ruling team has compiled a list of other municipality employees, which they intend to sack.

Mayor of Gori Konstantine Tavzarashvili said that he dismissed the two Deputy Mayors over “promoting” Gakharia and attempting to recruit other municipality officials into the former Prime Minister’s forthcoming party. He also denied intentions of firing other employees as alleged by Erasti Elijarashvili.