19 June 2021,   20:26
The bail issue for Nika Melia is currently discussed - Carl Hartzell

It’s crucially important that the parliament is discussing two drafts of the amnesty law, which is part of the April 19th agreement. Such a statement made today the EU Ambassador to Georgia.

“There are currently two drafts being in parliament for further consideration. First of all, it’s crucially important that the discussion taking place in parliament is now moving forward with regard to this issue, which is part of the April 19th agreement”, - said Carl Hartzell.

He also commented on a question regarding bail issue for Nika Melia. Ambassador explained that many issues are currently discussed.

“We will see how this will move forward in the coming days all with a view to make sure that we are passing the first hurdles of the implementation of this very important, this crucial agreement, which will then take us further into the important reforms that are being set out in this agreement”, - said Carl Hartzell.