15 June 2021,   04:32
Such attitude towards the policeman is absolutely unacceptable - Mamuka Mdinaradze

The attitude towards the Georgian policeman is absolutely unacceptable, wrote Mamuka Mdinaradze, the chairperson of the Georgian Dream faction, while commenting opposition’s alternative amnesty bill.

“I wonder whose idea it was that the condition of amnesty should be the consent of the victim, but in such a way that if the victim is a police officer, no one cares about his opinion or consent.

It would not be bad if the authors of the alternative amnesty bill realize that such a scale of discrimination against police officers is absolutely unacceptable, not to mention other shortcomings in their bill - the bill does not comply with the agreement.

They should be careful when talking about police officers. Protecting the rights of all human beings is a priority in Georgia, be it a police officer or someone else, and attempts to discriminate against them should never go unnoticed!”, - writes Mamuka Mdinaradze.