15 June 2021,   04:25
Population in Georgia will have herd immunity in December - Tamar Gabunia

Population in Georgia will have herd immunity in December. Such a statement made today the Deputy Minister of Health.

“According to the preliminary forecast, mid-May is considered to be the peak of the number of COVID-19 cases. Today’s rate is not a true indicator of the epidemic growth, as it don’t reflect the cases detected and reported during the Easter holidays. However, we have an increasing trend and this growth is expected to reach a peak in mid-May…

June is a very early period for population immunity. Of course, this cannot happen so quickly. At least 60% of the adult population must be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity, and this plan is for December”, - said Tamar Gabunia.

It should be mentioned that according to the data published on Stopcov.ge, 2 564 people have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in the last 24 hours. A total of 47 949 citizens received the vaccine in the country.

Georgian National Centre for Disease Control and Public Health urges citizens to book vaccine appointments on the booking.moh.gov.ge or call the hotline 15-22.

Georgia has reported 2,171 coronavirus cases, 1,074 recoveries, and 24 deaths earlier today.