08 May 2021,   01:35
Girchi leaders signed new proposal of Charles Michel

Girchi leaders Vakhtang Megrelishvili, Sandro Rakviashvili and Iago Khvichia signed the new proposal of the European Council President Charles Michel.

“I want my colleagues from the opposition and the Government to follow us. At least let people know that we are not destructive people and want an agreement. If the Georgian Dream signs this document and the conditions are met, we will enter the legislature, regardless of what the UNM or other opposition parties do. If the ruling party does not sign the agreement, it will not be an agreement and we will continue to be in the Parliament in the mode we are in today”, - said Iago Khvichia.

“I think the remaining 60 persons have to decide for themselves whether they want an agreement or don’t care about anything. Let us give an example that it is possible, by signing this formal document”, - added Vakhtang Megrelishvili.