08 May 2021,   02:26
Police detained one person in connection with the assault on the “Bank of Georgia” branch

The Ministry of Internal Affairs detained one person - N.Ts. (DoB 1993) - for attacking one of the branches of the “Bank of Georgia” located in vicinities of Avlabari metro station, Tbilisi as well as for taking hostages and illegal possession and carrying of a firearm.

The investigation established that the armed offender broke into one of the branches of the Bank of Georgia located on Dusheti Street, Tbilisi and took 7 people as hostages.

Relevant police units were mobilized at the scene and operative-investigative measures have been launched.

As a result of negotiations between the representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the attacker, the accused person gradually released citizens from illegal captivity, after which the law enforcers arrested N.Ts. at the place of crime. In the course of the incident no one has been injured.

Investigation is in progress on the fact of the attack, hostage-taking and illegal possession - carrying of a firearm- crimes envisaged under articles 144, Part II, Subparagraph “C” and 236, Part III and IV of the Criminal Code of Georgia.