12 May 2021,   11:24
Citizens from occupied territories will be tested subsequently to engage in the process of vaccination, instead of 5-day quarantine

Regulations applicable to persons traveling from the occupied territories are about to be amended. In particular, starting April 19, citizens from occupied territories, instead of previously enforced 5-day quarantine, will take antigen tests. Also, they will be able voluntarily to join the process of vaccination, based on their age groups defined in the National Action Plan, this decision was made during today’s online meeting of the Interagency Coordination Council. Citizens vaccinated with two-dose shots will no longer be obligated to take tests when entering the territory controlled by Georgia’s Central Government.

During today’s meeting Health Minister Ekaterine Tikaradze also presented a plan for expanding vaccination developed by the Ministry on the Prime Minister’s instructions. According to this plan, priority groups involved in vaccination will be gradually expanded, to ensure that that the process of COVID-19 vaccination proceeds as fast as possible.

The meeting pointed out that, on the Prime Minister’s instructions and with his personal involvement, active negotiations continue, having already secured additional doses for the country in the nearest future, a factor ensuring a continuous process of vaccination.

The council, emphasizing the lately worsening epidemiological situation, reiterated the need of being scrupulous about observing regulations, to ensure against introducing tougher restrictions. Of enormous importance in this context are facemasks, social distancing, and avoidance of large gatherings, including social events prohibited by the law.

On the instructions of the Head of Government, relevant agencies are enforcing strict control over the implementation of all regulations designed to flatten the curve.