12 May 2021,   11:32
Unjustified step and just a shame - Archil Talakvadze commented on the decision of 6 MPs

Unjustified step and just a shame, said today the Chairman of the Parliament, while commenting the decision of 6 MPs to leave the Georgian Dream and join Giorgi Gakharia’s team.

“Today’s developments confirmed that the former Prime Minister exercised personal interests, and he convinced his friends to do the same. Giorgi Gakharia left the team when consolidation, joint decisions and working together was the utmost, and then his friends quit the parliamentary majority.

As the Speaker of the Parliament, I am grateful and appreciate the fact that the MPs informed me of their decision in advance. Competing with Giorgi Gakharia will mainly depend on what party he forms, who his team are and what political platform they choose.

There are too many questions to be answered.

I think the opposition that refused to be in the legislature and chose the street should be worried more. The street project is bankrupt because the public does not support it. That is politics! Once the opposition loses its place, others occupy it. The next developments will show whether it is Giorgi Gakharia or not”, - said Archil Talakvadze.