12 May 2021,   11:38
The Prosecutor General uncovers a transnational crime and launches criminal prosecution against 2 individuals

The Office of the Prosecutor General of Georgia has uncovered a transnational crime. The case concerns the fact of fraudulent obtaining of a large amount of money, as a result of which a criminal prosecution has started against two persons.

The members of the criminal group sent a false message and invoice to a French company in the name of the representative of the American airline company and had them transfer 450 000 USD for services on the bank account of the enterprise established by G.J. in Georgia.

Part of the fraudulently obtained funds - USD 30 000 - was withdrawn by N.Kh. and G.J. from the bank account of the enterprise, which was distributed among the members of the group in accordance with a previously agreed percentage.

It is noteworthy that part of the amount obtained from criminal activity – USD 420 000, which was frozen during the investigation, will be returned to the affected company after a final judgment is rendered in the case.

N.Kh. and G.J. were charged under §2 (a) and §3 (b) of Article 180 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which provides for deprivation of liberty from 6 up to 9 years as a type and size of penalty. Detention was imposed on the defendants as a measure of restraint.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia continues the investigation and international cooperation to identify the members of the criminal group, as well as other natural or legal persons engaged in similar activities.