15 June 2021,   04:45
6 people detained during the protest rally in the village of Gumati - the MIA

During the protest rally in the village of Gumati, the officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs detained 6 people for violation envisaged under the article 173 of the Code of Administrative Offenses.

According to the Article 11, part II, sub-paragraph “E” of the Law of Georgia on Assemblies and Demonstrations, the participants of the assembly or demonstration are prohibited from intentionally creating obstacles for the traffic movement. Protesters have repeatedly stated that the purpose of their gathering was to create a deliberate obstruction to the movement of “Enka” vehicles.

Despite numerous warnings from the side of police, the protesters refused to clear the roadway, did not adhere to the lawful demands of the police, owning to which police applied proportional measures of coercion.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs, as the agency responsible for maintaining rule of law and order, calls on all citizens, to act in full compliance of the law during the assembly and follow the lawful demands of the police.