15 May 2021,   17:28
Giga Bokeria calls part of the IRI report incompetent

Giga Bokeria, the leader of the European Georgia opposition party, says that the part of International Republican Institute’s [IRI] report is incompetent. In particular, he is talking about the follow part of the document: “Notwithstanding, the large numbers of imbalanced summary protocols and practice of verifying (and amending) results – while serious and corrosive to the overall integrity of the process - were not at a scale to be dispositive of the overall election results”.

“I think that this concrete report of IRI was very superficial. The IRI had a conclusion even after the election, by the team that was on the ground. That part of the report was superficial and incompetent. It happens sometimes.

The IRI had a very critical conclusion from the people who observed the process after the election. The opinions expressed by several experts after that, I think, are wrong in that part, exactly”, - said Giga Bokeria to “Ghamis Kurieri” [“Night Courier”].