15 May 2021,   17:20
History to acquit me, if prosecutors find me guilty - Nika Melia

History will acquit me, if prosecutors find me guilty, said today Nika Melia at his trial at the Tbilisi City Court.

According to the Chairman of the United National Movement, the allegation as if imprisonment served his objective was absurd.

“Two years passed after he was charged for organizing group violence on June 20-21, 2019. The Government erased the footage of video cameras. No witnesses were questioned, no evidence studied. Those, who brutally injured peaceful civilians, remained unpunished. The government tried to reduce his courage by imprisonment.

Nothing gives me such energy as the realization that you are my adversaries, you extort violence not against me, but against the biggest part of Georgia. You cannot break me”, - added Nika Melia claimed.