12 May 2021,   11:45
Government’s decision bans property letting for popular social and mass entertainment events

Property letting for popular social gatherings (such as wedding receptions, anniversary celebrations, memorial repasts, and the like) and mass entertainment events is banned, with the relevant amendment made to the Georgian Government’s Decree on Approving Rules for Isolation and Quarantine.

The decree obligates property owners to take every reasonable step, including through introducing concrete contractual restrictions, to avoid property use for purposes prohibited by the law. Property owner are also immediately report any violation to relevant authorities.

In addition, if a banned event also violates requirements decreed by the Health Minister to avoid the spread of coronavirus, the Labor Inspection Office, in coordination with the Interior Ministry, is authorized to enforce a temporary ban on site entry by unauthorized persons. Unauthorized entry, breaking the seal, or defying requirements enforced by the Labor Inspection Office is prohibited.

The applicable law prohibits gatherings of more than 10 persons that are linked to traditional social events, such as wedding receptions, anniversary celebrations, memorial repasts, and the like.

The Government’s decree was discussed during today’s briefing by Head of the Task Force under the Interagency Coordination Council Giorgi Ghibradze, who emphasized the country’s worsening epidemiological situation and the importance of observing regulations.

“The country’s epidemiological situation is worsening, the reason why it is imperative for all of us to observe applicable regulations and care for those around us-by wearing facemasks, maintaining social distancing, and so on-in order to ensure against further exacerbation and strict measures”, - said Giorgi Ghibradze.